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Bring people and ideas together, farther, faster.

QMPAS is a service AND software that helps government and corporate teams understand, articulate and design complex systems, strategies, processes and more.

We design and run workshops using a collaborative design process, turning the results into visual products for 5, 10 and 25k fixed price contracts.

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Screenshot of process design in the QMPAS app. Screenshot of process design in the QMPAS app

Service & Software

QMPAS combines service and software delivered and developed by our team at Delsys. We've been using systems and visual thinking to help government and corporate clients for over 40 years.

Our software helps us engage people virtually before and after live, facilitated meetings and workshops. It also helps us work collaboratively with you to tap into the Collective Insight of your team, partners and clients.

How It Works

Explore, articulate, visualize, communicate and measure anything.

QMPAS For Government

Processes designed for the Federal Government of Canada.

Better, faster and cost-effective workshops to support legislative design, process mapping, program reviews and more – delivered for under 5, 10 or 25k.

QMPAS For Business

Strategic + technical design on demand for Business.

Better, faster, cost-effective conceptual modeling, strategic planning, pitch decks, process mapping and more with machine learning + process automation.


Helping Non Profit Organizations design, develop and communicate.

We help non-profit and NGOs build sustainable business models, working collaboratively to develop strategic plans, programs, communications and worfklow tools.


Make the most of your time together.

71% of people say their meetings and workshops are unproductive and inefficient. Discussions, interaction, the collision of ideas - this is where innovation and creativity happen.

That's why created QMPAS, to engage people in efficient, effective and Better Meetings – live and virutal – to discover and align people around clear and coherent approaches to problems and opportunities in complex systems.


More independent thinking in a collective process.

Distributed (virtual) processes turn minutes of individual thinking into hours of valuable learning + collective insight.

Bringing people, ideas and processes together, farther, faster.

Virtual processes supporting live workshops foster generative thinking, emergent & adjacent ideas, clearer priorities and stronger alignment.


Visual and systems thinking through inclusive and collaborative design.

We help you engage teams, partners, industry stakeholders and clients to articulate systems and problems and design strategies, processes, data/models and communications tools and more.


The input i have seen is great and helpful for me to open up discussions with my DG. I know she wanted to focus on efficiencies and consistency, but there are obviously other themes as well to explore. The pre-engagement was so worth it. Thank you.

Designed and delivered in Ottawa by our team with 40+ years of experience.

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Substantive Analysis

Design Thinking

Live Sketching


Inclusive Process

Compliance & Enf.



Process Mapping

Strategy +

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Transparent Pricing

Fixed, Transparent Pricing.

Streamlined processes and supporting technology mean we can do a lot more at more affordable rates. Our workshops and products are designed and delivered at fixed rates – no premiums or per diems.

We guarantee our results – the delivery of workshops and visual/interactive products that help you discover, aggregate, prioritize or communicate useful or emergent ideas that help you address your challenge or objective.