Products created using Collective Insight

We can help you design:

  • Strategic Plans
  • Conceptual & Logic Models
  • Process maps
  • Data Models with Requirements Gathering
  • Regulatory / Legislative Policies and Programs
  • And more »
Your local team and remote workers Your local team and remote workers

We design and facilitate collaborative design processes for:

  • Stakeholder Consultations
  • A series of workshops to engage many / larger groups
  • Full day workshops for in-depth sessions
  • Ongoing workshops (on-demand) for long-term projects
QMPAS Collective Thinking

A design process tailored to your project objective and participants.

Three dynamics

#1. Research & Design

We work with you to understand and articulate the context, issues and dynamic forces in play in and around your organzation before we engage your team or stakeholders. Our team has 40+ years of substantive experience in government, business, technology and knowledge/data management.

Dynamic Forces
Screenshot of email asking for participation Screenshot of email asking for participation

#2. Virtual Pre-Engagement.

We engage people before workshops to gather, aggregate and when possible prioritize ideas before we meet. This saves time and creates highly productive workshops, helping us take people and ideas further than most meetings ever get.

QMPAS App Better Meetings
Live sketching

#3. Live, Facilitated Workshops.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to facilitate meetings. Live sketching on 8' long posters, stickies and dots, prioritization and decision-making using apps, just letting people connect - whatever the group needs.

Collective Insight Better Meetings
Screenshot of email asking for participation Screenshot of email asking for participation

#4. Post Workshop Engagements

We follow up with additional idea gathering, prioritization activities and alignment checks to make sure every critical issue is covered.

You can read more about how the technology works here.

A word document showing ideas grouped together
A PDF page showing the engagement process A PDF page showing the groups and counts of ideas

#5. Design / Review

We create products as needed - to help communicate context, collect ideas, engage in discussions, to the final products that emerge from the collaborative design process.

While can visualize just about anything, we have a core set of products for aggregating and communicating ideas, setting priorities, making decisions, keeping people engaged and aligned as you move forward.

Screenshot of process design in the QMPAS app. Screenshot of process design in the QMPAS app

A coherent, cohesive and feasible strategy that people support.

What levers of change will work for your organization facing a specific challenge? You need to understand and articulate your approach, the time and actions needed to solve a specific problem.

Good Strategy
... ...

Products to engage, explain, train and work smarter.

Our collaborative design process brings people together in productive workshops that result in visual/interactive tools you can use to aggregate and communicate ideas, set priorities, make better decisions, keep people engaged and aligned as you move forward.

Individual, collective + artificial intelligence working to bring people and ideas together, farther, faster.

QMPAS collective design process
Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Enteric Outbreak Response Process
CRTC's E-Commerce Enforcement Plan
CRTC's Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) Enforcement Process
Use of a Smart Regulatory Code for Aquaculture
CSTD Regulatory Modernization Roadmap
Retail Sector Competitiveness System Dynamics Model

Interested in being an "expert on demand"?

We pay competitive per diems to participate in workshops and provide feedback on our products and deliverables. No research, writing or client management - just fun, engaging and deliberative dialogue.