Strategic Plans

There is an important overlap in reporting on last years performance and outcomes while planning for next year. Articulate this better and how the engagement and visual products can help make the story more coherent...

Baseline Process and Cost

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We tailor our process and product to the unique context, requirements and objectives of your business. It normally requires an hour meeting (in person or virtual) and takes 3-5 business days to prep the virtual engagements and requirements for the workshop.

The initial invitation to key team members and stakeholders to participate in the process. We explain the context, objectives and ask them to answer a few questions that will shape the upcoming meeting or workshop.

It takes people a few minutes to complete the engagement. The end result can add up to hundreds of ideas and hours of collective listening and sharing all before the first meeting takes place. You can read more about our virtual processes here.

A second virtual engagement is often helpful – but not essential - at prioritizing issues and ideas before the first meeting. It depends on scope, timing and the results of the first engagement. If we are in an expansive discovery phase where we still need to add and explore new ideas, or if there are many different/polarizing issues, a meeting or workshop is the best venue for exploring diverse or polarizing ideas.

A second virtual, collective prioritization process is useful when individuals have identified a small set of ideas and need to prioritize which ones to focus on. Going into a meeting with an established sense of collective priorities puts the group in a better position to explore requirements and restraints to determine the right issues they are capable of going to work on most likely to have some success at achieving your intended results.

Baseline costs assume one live meeting or workshop but additional ones are always possible and sometimes required depending on the scope and complexity of the project and products being created.

Conceptual models generally require a minimum of 2-3 hours face to face with you and your core team. The ability to spend the full 5-6 hours gives us time to dig a little deeper, challenge some of your assumptions, and explore the broader system dynamics with more detail. This creates opportunities for more breakthrough 'aha moments' and more complete conceptual models.

A third virtual engagement helps refine, validate and align people around the ideas and priorities established through the process up to this point. We engage participants a few days after a meeting or workshop, sharing the results and asking a few more questions.

The objective is to move people towards your chosen destination in a cohesive and coherent fashion. This could mean a simple thank you email sharing the results of our engagement. It could be asking them to rank their level of understanding and agreement or requesting additional feedback to address any gaps or concerns they perceive.

We are sketching, drawing and creating visual products right from project launch. We may create several 'interim' products that serve as communications tools and thoughtpieces to help people work through issues and ideas.

This is destinct from the design/review process of your final product/deliverable. Once the virtual and face to face engagements have been completed, we work through an iterative design process to create a conceptual model that continues until you like and approve the product you will use to:

  • Explain the what, why, how of your business or program.
  • Articulate the vision and value that your business or program creates in the system it operates in.
  • Show the big picture & details in a clear and cohesive visual story and many more possible uses.

Details of the final delivery will depend on the context, results and whatever you determine is appropriate in terms of the level of details shared with participants. Conceptual models are generally shared in their entirety with the people who helped co-create it. In cases where you would like to filter the level of detail shared with your team and/or other participants, we create a "Participant's Package" that includes simplified versions of the products/results you want to share along with a thank you and details of any next steps.

The full list of deliverables includes:

  • The completed product (visual and/or interactive).
  • A participants package which includes the process "Tapestry" that outlines the process from start to finish. This can include the final product or a simplified version of the results where appropriate.
  • Pictures, transcriptions and any 'raw data' like lists of un-aggregated ideas that were collected throughout each process.
  • All files and resources used to create your product - for example, images or icons that form the bigger picture.
  • Translated products - we can provide word documents that you translate and send back to us for no additional fee. We can manage the translation process for an additional fee.
  • We are happy to provide a short, written report outlining our thoughts on the process, results and any additional considerations or reommendations we may have.

Product Samples

Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management Strategic Plan
CRTC Three Year Strategic Plan
CRTC Three Year Strategic Plan
CFIA Strategic Priorities
Racisim Free Aboriginal Workplace Strategy

Your Business Is A System

Understanding how the pieces affect each other is the key to successful growth and change.

Business as a system: Many small parts coming together to create a whole picture.


Collective Insight will minimize uncertainty, gaps and errors when putting the pieces together.


Sytems thinking articulates the dynamics of a system and how the pieces impact each other.


The inclusive process results in better understanding, alignment and support for decisions and direction.


Visual thinking/products communicate complex issues, big picture and detail clearly and effectively.

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