Prioritize a list of ideas. Build a business model canvas. Design a complex strategic plan. Visualize a systems model. Score anything. QMPAS is a multi-faceted platform with endless possibilities.

QMPAS Collective Thinking

The evolution of an idea.

There is often one person driving an idea forward. The essence of that idea can be simple: "I want to start a business". Coming up with a good plan can be difficult. Successfully achieving it is complex.

QMPAS helps you - the champion of an idea, the project manager, the business owner – engage people around you to analyze problems, prioritize options, design and align people around strategies and projects you continually measure and improve.

Collective Intelligence

QMPAS started as a set of processes and algorithms for collective intelligence (CI).

Our data-driven approach to concepts like diversity, idea aggregation, independence, alignment, coherence and more create a truly unique ability to generate better ideas "independently together".

QMPAS guides you through the processes, provides features and functionality throughout the app, takes a data-driven approach to measuring the key elements you need to achieve real collective intelligence - like diversity. it visualizes how people + ideas are aligned (or not) and provides guidance on the processes or approaches you can take to get better results and make better decisions that more people support.

Collective Intelligence Scoring Results Collective Intelligence Scoring Results Collective Intelligence Scoring Results
Scoring an Idea List Paired Comparison Pair Selection

AI Integration.

Every workflow or activity in QMPAS can be supported by AI. What makes QMPAS unique is how we collect and connect information about your business, questions, past and present work to create better prompts and get better responses structured to integrate seamlessly into any type of business document or canvas.

You can save your prompts and responses, testing results so you AND QMPAS can continually learn how to create (and validate) better results.

People + Organizations

QMPAS is a multi-tenant, multi-business platform that enables you to engage other people as team members who are users in the app, or partners, customers and other stakeholders who you simply want to engage in your business processes.

As a business owner, you can can manage one, or a portfolio of multiple businesses, with full control over what data, people, teams and contexts cross over.

Collective Intelligence


Organizations can be run through "stageflows" - guided processes for moving a venture through a different process. Exploring ideas, starting a new business, codifying an existing business, growth, acquisition and modernization - these all require different steps, templates and activities.

QMPAS comes pre-built with a number of stageflows that contain all of the guides, templates, built-in content, prompts you need to do your work. QMPAS also lets you build your own stageflows with new templates, content and guides.

It's not technically necessary to use QMPAS to move an organization through a stageflow. You can see in our workflows there are a number of valuable uses for QMPAS outside of this. But a lot of the magic comes from all the work QMPAS does to support and enhance the strategic leadership and operational management behind all of the day to day tasks and fires you inevitably end up spending a lot of your time and energy on.

Business Stageflows Stageflow Options


On the design side, QMPAS is tailored to help you turn ideas into products: Strategic Plans, systems and logic models, business model canvases, documents...

The list is actually endless because with QMPAS you can create your own "content components" that can then feed into workflows and be turned into visual and interactive canvases.

Interactive Vision Vision Data


On the operational side, QMPAS is a full featured project management system. You can manage projects in different organizations, build a requirements doc, aligned to your strategic plan, create your tasks lists, manage sprints, etc.

QMPAS helps you design and align strategic priorities to day to day operations.

Project Kanban


As system builders and engineers, we like to take a data-driven approach to everything. One of the principles that QMPAS is built on is that you can score anything. A task list, a set of options for an important decision, a strategy, a group of businesses you want to buy.

With QMPAS you can build many kinds of scoring models and apply them to your products and products. Build a requirements document and then score your features using a feature-scoring model. Outline a list of businesses you want to purchase and score that list with your partners using a business scoring model. The possibilities are endless.

Vision Data Interactive Vision


QMPAS comes with a number of workflows built in and enables you to build any kind of workflow. Workflows are the steps, content and guides for creating strategies, business models, project requirements, documents, any "product" that comes with QMPAS or that you've created a template for.

These workflows can guide you as an individual, or run a process that engages your stakeholders anytime, anywhere on any project you want.

Strategic Plan Workflow
Vision Data

Engagement Manager

Most interesting and important ideas and breakthroughs emerge from interactions between people. It is the collision of ideas between people that creates insight and understanding. The "engagement manager" handles the process/automation, content and guidelines for any kind of interaction between people.

Instant and recurring meetings, workshops, multi-month planning sessions, multi-year stakeholder engagements - anything you need. You can use our built in processes, or build your own. The engagement handles process, content, automation, and even does things like help you score the value and progress of your meetings and gather feedback on how things can improve.

Vision Data Interactive Vision Interactive Vision


QMPAS gets its agility and extensibility from it's four builders. Put together, these enable you to create any kind of data-driven document or process to help automate and improve your work:

Document/Data Builder

Design data-driven documents by defininging things like the type of document, the use-cases and objectives, and the structure (data model) of the document.

Layout Builder

You can apply different layouts to your documents. A layout can be something like pagination, sections and navigation, or how nine "sections" in your data model get displayed in a business model canvas.

Process Builder

Our process & engagement builder enables you to build guided processes, with lots of content, guidance, AI and collective intelligence functions, to help people create and manage a QMPAS document or any kind of process.


Embed webforms into your websites or other applications to collect insights, feature or bug requests, in your own app or business processes.

QMPAS Engagement Builder QMPAS Webform Builder


QMPAS has a logic modelling component that can build any kind of model or chart using D3 - Data Driven Documents.

We've built components for systems models, logic models and process maps. along with an assortment of charts for visualizing data). Our implementation is not focused on creating a full-fledged UML mapper. The core modelling features included leverage AI and CI to help you build better models, faster.

These models can help you design better strategies and processes based on logical connections and leverage based on understanding how systems work. QMPAS helps process data, can leverage AI to build models, determine relationships like feedback loops, and help you align and position things to be more effective communications tools.

Systems Modelling

Good Strategy

The strategic plan inside QMPAS is a special component. It is a comprehensive set of tools and processes designed to help you create a good strategy.

People throw the word strategy around a lot. Some organizations spend a lot of time and money building strategies. A lot of people hate the idea of strategy because it ends up being a laundry list of wishes and goals.

Good Strategy

The problem is a lot of strategies people build arent actually "strategic". Most strategies mistake the list of goals, objectives and tasks, ambitions, visions, values as a strategy.

A good strategy diagnoses a problem your team is capable of going to work on. It constrains the resulting activities to ensure you are going at the problem the right way. It identifies a coherent and cohesive set of actions – based on leverage – which is the logic, the strategic element, that articulates why and how your team is capable of addressing the problem.

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Problem Details


QMPAS helps drive the innovation cycle, the cyclical process that connects your annual strategic plan to your weekly team meetings. Cycles have three main benefits:

  1. A two-way "sync" between strategy and tasks. Weekly. monthly, quarterly meetings are keeping tasks aligned to your strategy and enabling you to continually review, refine or even pivot your priorities.
  2. It keeps your team and partners connected, which is more challenging as work becomes more virtual and independent. QMPAS can nudge or outright force you and your team to spend a little bit of time every day, week, month, etc making sure they are doing the right work in the right way.
  3. It facilitates the daily and weekly processes of documenting your work, keeping task lists up to date, flagging actual or potential problems and delays before they happen or before they get worse.

It's easy to get your head down, get stuck in the weeds trying to get through the most important task or problem of the day. QMPAS can automate the daily, weekly, monthly+ cycles to make them extremely efficient and effective. Those 10 or 15 minutes people spend can have an enourmous impact reducing the downstream problems that lead to being over budget, over time, or even outright failure.

Collective Intelligence


QMPAS has a robust documentation system. It allows you to create an unlimited set of guidance documents. These can include text, images, videos, even prompts to facilite content generation.

These guides can then be linked to templates and workflows. So your team is always one click away from how-to guides and other useful resources when working in QMPAS.

We've created a robust set of guides for existing features and workflows. These are designed to help you get better results - like how to ask effective questions, how to create a good strategy - more than just technical user guides.

You can create your own set of guides, and restrict access to organizations or teams. For white-labelled solutions, you can put your content (guides, templates and workflows) behind paywalls to implement a pay-per-use or subscription service within QMPAS.

Collective Intelligence

Dashboards + Notifications

Our goal with QMPAS is to make really big ideas, big and complex systems and processes, simpler to do. Easier to maintain.

So while some of our components help you visualize a lot of complex data, our dashboards are meant to communicate the least amount of information you need.

What are your top three tasks this week? QMPAS will know, and will help you keep things up to date so you spend the least amount of time staying as organized as possible.

What important meetings are coming up that you want to invite people to and ask them to see (AND contribute to) the agenda BEFORE the meeting starts? QMPAS will do that for you too.

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Dashboard - Today Organization dashboard

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