Use Cases

QMPAS can help you explore, expand and aggregate ideas. Prioritize and measure anything. Create and grow a business, or portfolio of businesses. With it's built-in template and workflow builder, the possibilities are endess.

Read on to see a few of the more popular ways QMPAS is used.

Idea Workshop

You can use QMPAS to explore, expand, and curate your business ideas, models, and blueprints. It's like a digital sandbox where you can mix and match your thoughts, lay them out in a neat way, and see your business dreams take shape. Think of it as your go-to spot for turning those lightbulb moments into solid plans.

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Prioritization & Decision Making

QMPAS is a toolbox for tackling prioritization and decision-making in innovative ways. A suite of tools at your fingertips, with innovative algorithms using paired comparison, a data-driven approach for creating and measuring diversity, tools that help you . prioritize AND visualizing how different choices align with your challenges and objectives.

QMPAS is always working to help you see the bigger picture and deeper into your choices and decisions. Guided, semi-automated processes ensure your decisions are well-thought-out and more likely to support from your team.

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Scoring an Idea List Paired Comparison Pair Selection
Scoring an Idea List Scoring Average Decision Making Framework Collective Intelligence Scoring Results
Scoring an Idea List Paired Comparison Pair Selection

Meetings & Workshops

QMPAS streamlines the entire process, starting with virtual pre-meeting engagement. This allows participants to contribute ideas, share insights, and set agendas beforehand. Fifteen minutes of independent thinking translates to hours of time and 100s of ideas captured and curated by AI.

QMPAS helps foster a more dynamic and inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard and understood. Post-meeting, QMPAS helps in capturing the essence of discussions, assigning action items, even scoring meetings so you can see which meetings are working, which need to be improved, with suggestions on how to improve them. Using QMPAS to design and faciliate meetings and workshops can provide a significant reduction in wasted time and resources, better results that more people understand and support.

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Meeting Details
Meeting Survey Meeting Results

Stakeholder Engagement

QMPAS redefines the landscape of Employee/Stakeholder Engagement by offering a dynamic platform that uses AI and guided processes to help create, measure and improve the collective intelligence of your organization.

It's designed around the paradigm of teams working independently together where we need to be truly engaged while at the same time spend less time in unproductive meetings. The result is a more connected team, helping you leverage the collective intelligence in your organization to create better strategies and make better decisions more people support.

Likewise, the inclusive and fair proces, helps your team see the whole together, supporting a vision and plan they undertanding, helping them do the right work, and do the work right.

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Engagement Process Strategic Plan Workflow
Screenshot of email asking for participation Screenshot of email asking for participation

Business, Product, Project Design

QMPAS is a powerhouse for Business, Product, and Project Design, providing a seamless, intuitive platform to bring your ideas to life. It streamlines the design process from concept to execution, offering tools for brainstorming, strategy development, and project planning.

With its collaborative features, QMPAS facilitates a shared creative space, allowing teams to refine and perfect their designs. The result is a more efficient, cohesive approach to transforming innovative ideas into successful business, product, or project realities.

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Business Model Canvas Meeting Survey

Innovation / Idea Pipeline

QMPAS excels as an Innovation/Idea Pipeline tool, providing a streamlined pathway from initial brainstorming to final realization. It's an ideal platform for capturing, nurturing, and developing creative concepts into actionable projects. With its guided processes and AI integration, QMPAS helps intake, organize and prioritize ideas, ensuring that the most promising ones get the attention they deserve.

Its collaborative environment encourages team members to contribute and refine ideas, fostering a culture of continuous innovation. QMPAS is the go-to solution for keeping your innovation pipeline flowing smoothly, turning a wealth of ideas into valuable outcomes.

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Collective Intelligence Scoring Results

Consulting Automation

QMPAS offers a suite of tools and workflows to facilitate how many consulting services are delivered. It automates key processes, from data gathering and analysis to client communication, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency. With QMPAS, consultants can focus more on delivering insights and less on manual tasks, allowing for deeper engagement with clients and more impactful outcomes.

Its suite of tools provides real-time data, collaborative features, and customizable templates, making it an invaluable asset for any consulting professional aiming to deliver top-tier, efficient, and effective services.

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